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Current Issues:
- None Reported.

Enhancement Requests:
- Different icon for Ex-Raid Eligible.
- General Table for various global parameters (like 45-minute Raid Timer, TimeZone adjust, etc.)


2018-03-28: Added Edd icon, and bright-red icon for active raids for better visualzation.
2018-03-28: Fixed a bug related to adding raids from SQL code change made earlier in day, and added Hatched-Time to clickable marker.
2018-03-28: Adjusted popup/overlay to float raids ending sooner to top (sort by descending time).
2018-03-28: Updated SQL Query to eliminate double-counting of some raids, creating an overlap of semi-transparent markers looking darker-blue than rest.
2018-03-28: Adjusted timer to allow for up to 2-hrs (previously 45-mins).
2018-03-28: Removed ability for users to delete a gym.
2018-03-28: Truncated names displayed in tooltip for active raids.

2018-03-27: Fixed glitched where maps weren't working on Firefox/Chrome.