I developed this site to help Pokemon Trainers in the New River Valley co-ordinate Raids after our beloved PoGo Alert Maps went dark in March 2018.

So what does the domain HHclub.com stand for? Nothing. It was just a short, readily available remnant domain from a failed project a few years ago. Maybe someone else can associate the acronym to a catchy phrase.

My objective ISN'T to make money off the project. I simply was trying to provide a solution for our community of players in the NRV to play the game in the absence of in-game social features. At the present time, it's not intended to replace other social networking features the community uses (like GroupMe). It's only intention is to provide a way for us to manually communicate raid locations, to visually supplement other methods of communication.

However, I think it would be great to include a blog/chat below the maps at some point in the future. So perhaps I can hand-over the code to someone else to take the reigns and have some fun expanding the capabilities.

I have about 12-hours of programming invested in the site. I took one programming class in my life, so lay-off on the enhancements requests. But shout-out to me on GroupMe if there are bugs that need attention?

My intention is to keep it fairly open. I started with Blacksburg, but if someone wants to enter the gym co-ordinates for C'burg or Radford, I could easily extrapolate the maps for those towns.

Best of luck raiding. I hope you catch 'em all!